761 KW Soltas Energy Solar System Completed Installation at Key Polymer’s Lawrence Industrial Park Site

New York, New York -  July 19th, 2012 – Soltas Energy of New York today announced the completion of its 761 KW solar power plant in Lawrence, Massachusetts, its fifth of nine currently underway in the Commonwealth, and its third power plant in Lawrence alone.

Key Polymer has collaborated with Soltas Energy Corporation to create this 761 KW solar power plant on the existing roof of Key’s 165,000 square foot manufacturing and corporate headquarters building. Soltas Energy paid for, built, and owns the system, and will sell the reliable, clean solar electricity to Key Polymer for 25 years.

Bob Baker, Key Polymer’s President stated, “Key Polymer will enjoy a substantial electrical cost savings and is insulated from future electricity cost shocks.”  Baker, who is also the longtime President of the Lawrence Industrial Parks Business Association said that he is very proud to have the  first building in the Park to be powered by clean solar energy which will serve as a working example for Association members.

Andrew Barron Worden, CEO of Soltas Energy said, “We are glad to work with a great company such as Key Polymer to supply their building’s energy needs. We are looking forward to powering up more companies in the industrial park with green solar energy. Lawrence is where our regional headquarters are based and we want to help the city to be energy independent. Thanks to the skilled workers and supportive local government, Soltas is able to finish the project ahead of the schedule. Commercial operation of this power plant is on the way. ”

The installation uses 2,600 high power solar panels and provides almost all of the electricity needs of the building. Lawrence based Solectria Renewables provided its technology leading inverters for the project.