SGI 225-500

225kW, 250kW, 266kW, 300kW & 500kW Grid-Tied Inverters

Yaskawa - Solectria Solar’s SMARTGRID 225-500 series of PV inverters are compliant with NEC 2014 690.11 & 690.12 requirement when installed with the ARCCOM combiner. This series boasts an industry leading 97.5% CEC weighted efficiency which translates into significantly greater energy production and cost savings over the lifetime of the system. The SGI line has been deployed in a large number of commercial and utility-scale PV systems across North America ranging from 200kW to multi-MW. Our customers find these to be the most cost-effective, reliable, and efficient inverters in the market. This product family offers utility options such as voltage and frequency ride through, controlled ramp rates, reactive power control, and real power curtailment. Such critical utility options, combined with unsurpassed efficiencies and the lowest nighttime tare losses in the industry, earmark the SGI series as the premier inverter for next generation large commercial systems.

For more information about how comply with NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown requirements, please CLICK HERE.

SGI 225-500 Features

  • Compliant with NEC 2014 690.11 & 690.12 arc fault and rapid shutdown requirements when coupled with ARCCOM combiner
  • 97.5% CEC efficiency
  • Parallel power stages
  • Fuse and breaker subcombiner options
  • Modbus communications
  • User-interactive LCD
  • Real power curtailment

SGI 225-500 Options

  • Built-in cellular connectivity
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Web-based monitoring

Safety Listings & Certifications

  • Certification Agency: ETL
  • CSA C22.2#107.1
  • FCC part 15 B
  • IEEE 1547.1
  • UL 1741/IEEE 1547

Product Datasheet & Specifications

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