Megawatt Solar Station for SGI XTM

0.5MW, .75MW, 1MW, and 1.5MW Medium Voltage Smartgrid Stations

The Megawatt Solar Stations (MSS) provide a fully-integrated PV inverter solution for large ground-mount PV systems. The MSS is available in three styles - open skid, canopy, or enclosed building. The station combines one or two Yaskawa Solectria Solar SGI 500XTM or SGI 750XTM inverters, communications equipment, 2.5-35 kV medium voltage transformer for multi-megawatt projects. All components arrive at a customer site fully assembled and tested, saving the additional time and cost of installing and wiring separate components.

Megawatt Solar Station for SGI XTM Features

  • 0.5 to 1.5MW fully-integrated stations
  • Direct connection to MV utility power
  • Quick & easy installation
  • 1000 VDC

Megawatt Solar Station for SGI XTM Options

  • Auxiliary Power
  • DC breakers/subcombiners (for inverters)
  • Dust filter
  • Extended warranty
  • Open skid, canopy, or enclosure
  • Peer or pad mount
  • Radial or loop feed
  • Uptime guarantee

Options For Utilities

  • Real power curtailment
  • Reactive power control
  • Voltage ride through
  • Frequency ride through
  • ISCADA DMS tie-in
  • Controlled ramp rates

Safety Listings & Certifications

  • All components are UL or ETL listed and in full compliance with the NEC

Product Datasheet & Specifications