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  • Yaskawa Solectria Solar Headquarters
    360 Merrimack Street
    Building 9, Suite 221
    Lawrence, MA 01843 USA
    Tel: 1-978-683-9700
    Fax: 1-978-683-9702
  • California and Western Region
    John Lavelle
    Regional Sales Manager
    2840 College Avenue, Suite H
    Berkeley, CA 94705 USA
    Tel: 1-510-385-8315
  • Southeast and Mid-Atlantic
    Russ Dodd
    Regional Sales Manager
    Jacksonville, FL, USA
    Tel: 1-610-291-4689
  • Mid-West and New England
    Jonathan Helmuth
    Regional Sales Manager
    Lawrence, MA 01843 USA
    Tel: 1-978-399-9372