AC Coupled Energy Storage System

AC-Coupled Energy Storage Systems. SMART and SGIP ready.

Yaskawa Solectria Solar's AC-Coupled Storage Systems come in 250kW and 500kW sizes to provide the most robust and reliable Utility-Scale Energy Storage System in the industry. The AC Coupled Energy Storage System comes with Solectria XGI 1500 Inverters, a DCB1500 De-Combiner provides the interface between the Battery System and the XGI 1500 Inverters, an AC Combiner to combine the outputs of the XGI 1500 Inverters, and a Plant Master Controller.  All components are factory pre-assembled and pre-wired on a structural rack. 

Operational Capabilities: Through the platform’s cloud-based access, the end-user can easily configure alerts and notifications presets to ensure faults in the system can be quickly identified and addressed. The dashboards also provide powerful data and event logs visualization, archival, reporting, and exporting tools.

Grid Integration: The platform is compatible with most utility-standard communication protocols (e.g. DNP3, Multi-speak, IEEE-2030.5, IEC-61850, OpenADR), enabling streamlined and secured integration with utilities, aggregators, and markets.

Equipment Integration:  Our on-site edge devices are compatible with most local communication protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP/RTU, CAN bus, BACnet, analog/digital signals) to facilitate easy interconnection with on-site DERs, meters, and sensors.

Autonomous Operation Capabilities: If external communication is lost, the PMC devices can continue to operate the system autonomously using only the local network. In addition, all metrics continue to be acquired and stored locally until the connection is restored, to ensure persistent data integrity.


  • Frequency regulation
  • AC voltage regulation
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Energy time-shifting
  • Capacity firming
  • On-demand power to the grid
  • Scheduled dispatch
  • Demand response events
  • Power factor correction
  • Can be combined with PV inverters as an AC-coupled PV Energy Storage Solution

Product Datasheet & Specifications