Energy Storage Systems

Yaskawa Solectria Solar is pleased to introduce its new utility-scale DC-Coupled Storage Systems (PVS-500) and AC-Coupled Storage System (ACS-500), both built around our flagship XGI 1500 inverters.  The DC-Coupled and AC-Coupled storage systems provide the state-of-the art in functionality and both come as factory-integrated and tested racks, with Solectria XGI 1500 Inverters, a Plant Master Controller and the other components necessary, ready to drop ship to the project site. 

PVS-500 DC-Coupled Storage Systems                                     

  • Solar Peak Energy Re-capture
  • Low-Voltage Harvesting
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Energy Time-Shifting
  • Capacity Firming
  • Ramp-Rate Control

ACS-500 AC-Coupled Energy Storage System

  • Flexibility to implement storage at any capacity and independently of PV generation, to achieve overall system goals
  • Enhanced energy efficiency with just a single power conversion stage
  • Convenient for retrofit applications wherever on-grid energy storage provides a benefit
  • Use Cases: Time-of use arbitrage, scheduled dispatch, demand charge management, behind-the-meter economicoptimization with energy arbitrage and peak shaving, power factor correction, frequency and voltage support